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Wronger Than Ten Hitlers

Everything bad about Britain, according to Q.Letts

  • Decimal currency
  • Showing emotion
  • The BBC news being shifted to 10pm (no time for prayers afore bedtime
  • Men born in Iraq who make modern art more accessible to us (I can't even be bothered to tell you why this is wrong and why Tracey Emin is ace. 'Does Saatchi never stop to consider what it does to the nurse or the soldier on a basic wage to see such fecklessness as Tracey Emin's 'Everyone I Have Ever Slept With' hailed as a masterpiece?' My mum was a care assistant with 0 GCSEs and she finds Damien Hirst as interesting as she does Renoir.)
  • The existence of state schools
  • The bloke who owns French Connection (EURGH-URRH, it was T.Beattie who came up with FCUK.)
  • John Prescott, for being a politician who doesn't speak in RP
  • The sacking of Enoch Powell after the 'rivers of blood' speech.
  • Topsy and Tim
  • "Westwood is said to be the model for the satirical character Ali G, that prize 'wigga' ('white nigga') who speaks in the gibberish dialect of the jewel-encrusted Los Angeleno rap guy while, in fact, being a white, middle-class nincompoop....He wears the waistband of his trousers low on the buttock.'
  • Tony Blair - not for all the reasons he gets named Tony B.Liar by dullards, but for not being an MP any longer.
  • "Sir Alex' might once have meant Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin or Sir Alexander MacKenzie, an explorer of the North West Passage, or in West Indian homes, the Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamente, first Premier of Jamaica."
  • Kenneth Baker, the man who instilled the Dangerous Dogs act while abolishing corporal punishment in schools. YES READERS SPOT THE IRONY. ALL CHILDREN NOT CALLED BOUDICCA OR LYSA NDER SHOULD BE MUZZLED.
  • The Alternative Service Book (must be a heathen thing)
  • Brutalist architecture (again, cannot be bothered to explain the various reasons why every building does not and should not look like Trinity College)
  • "And then there's Alex Deakin, who has the utterly infuriating habit of closing each broadcast with an over-matey, 'and that's yer weather'. Yer?"
  • Richard Dawkins, not for being a massively patronising git, but for being a dissenter. "In times of turbulence, the human being is little different from the vole or the dormouse. It will take shelter where it can."
  • "..long after the caravan moved on, long after the white working-class shown in these plots was overwhelmed by other cultural identities.The characters on EastEnders still talk cockney, even though younger Londoners long ago took up a rap-music, street jungle patois, which is heavily black American in tone.You seldom hear that sort of dude talk on EastEnders. Barbara Windsor and P. Diddy don't exactly mix, I guess."
  • The Speaker, for ' favouring Labour MPs (particularly Scottish men) over Conservatives (particularly those with fruity Southern accents).' Do we not get enough Southern accents in places where they make laws?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1 069352/QUENTIN-LETTS-The-50-people-wreck ed-Britain.html#


Margret Thatcher, Edward Heath, no mention of Brown. Are there any News papers in England now not brave enough to be Conservative, we only have liberal. l or l leftwing or independent news papers, only Left wing TV stations itv and five being Lib dem, I wouldn't mind but at least 47 % of the public are rightwing Conservative. I believe we have a gap in the market on TV and news papers, I read some while back that the mail is now an independent. Are 46 per cent of the public not worthy of having there views backed up or represented by a paper or TV staiton. My word this country for want of a back bone.
- Liza, Uk, 6/10/2008 10:11

Brilliant - don't forget the Beatles,Coronation Street,David Beckham and that wife of his,Elton John,Bruce Forsyth,Jonathan Ross,,Jamie Oliver,Ramsay the cook,Neville Chamberlain,Queen Victoria, Edward V111,Princess Margaret,Jeremy Thorpe,Bob Monkhouse,Rupert Murdoch,Richard Branson,Gerry Adams and his sidekick, Sarah Ferguson and those dreadful daughters,Harry Hewitt (Prince), Arthur Scargill,Harold Wilson,Mrs Simpson, The Osbourne menagerie,Alan Sugar,Bob Geldoff and family,Bono, Chelsea,Man U and all the teams who sold out to foreigners and finally Prince Charles.

- james allen, manchester england, 6/10/2008 14:26

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