Prince Albert (princealbert) wrote in dailymail_rehab,
Prince Albert

the "black parade" — a place where emos believe they go after they die.

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Incredible :o
That is the finest example of Daily Mail unconscious self-parody I think I have ever seen. Wonderful, thank you.
wait, I've read this story before, except it was about goths, or was it grunge, or new romantics, or...

They just reprint the story every couple of years with a new teenage demographic as target.
My god, they really said "No child is safe"! (stares slack-jawed at monitor)
I, for one, am looking forward to taking part in the Black Parade once I leave this mortal coil.
Me too!

*Shuffles off singing MCR*
I wonder if the journalist responsible is ashamed for writing such ridiculous things, or if they believe every word they write? It's so difficult to tell.