Prince Albert (princealbert) wrote in dailymail_rehab,
Prince Albert

this was posted in an Edinburgh Goth LJ community...

I need someone to write an article *against* the Daily Mail's annual tirade about whatever subculture happens to be popular that year for September's fanzine.

Maybe this year's Daily Mail article detailing the horrendous after effects of 'being an emo' will fuel your fire...

I already have the opposition article, detailing why the Daily Mail's regular attacks on yoof subcultures is a good thing for society - and it is rather impressive, so have a go and get back to me:

juicy-lucy2 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

ANYONE can write for the fanzine - give it a go :)

Posted by juice1, (not i, and i removed her blink tag!)
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